2020 Challenge Supply and Foam List


We're about to begin the 2020 Ornament Girls Challenge!

In order to make all 12 ornaments, you will need...

1. About 2 to 2-1/2 yards EACH of three different fabrics (this is an approximation - you may use slightly different amounts depending on how you arrange your fabrics on your own ornaments. You can get a little extra if you want to be on the safe side!)

****I recommend 3 fabrics that contrast highly with each other. (I've got some examples at the end of this post)****

2. A LOT of straight pins. I would go ahead and buy yourself a nice big one pound box from HERE.

3. Foam. Okay, so I usually haven't given this info out ahead of time, but here's the thing. I can give you an almost-definite foam list for the first 11 weeks.

But, as we've done every year, the 12th week will coincide with our big bundle of NEW PATTERNS - and this year, we have SEVERAL choices! And of course, I have no idea which patterns you'll pick, or if you'll even want to purchase the bundle at all (but it's awesome, so I think you will!)

So, let me break this down for you the best I can...

(Note: All of the lined-ball recommendations below can be drawn on by you! We have all the resources to show you how to do this yourself, if you do not want to purchase our pre-lined foam.)

Weeks 1-11, you'll need:

  • 4 - 3" Balls (where 8 lines would be very helpful)
  • 4 - 3" Balls (where 6 lines would be very helpful)
  • 1 - 3" Ball (where 4 lines would be very helpful)
  • 1 - 3" Ball (okay I'm totally giving it away, but you'll need swirled lines)
  • 1- Ball OR Egg (any size, really! I will be using a large egg with 8 lines.)

Week 12: ANY of the following (or, all of them, if you're feeling froggy)

  • 3" Ball with 6 lines, OR...
  • 3" Ball with 8 lines, OR...
  • 3" Ball with 8 lines (for another of the patterns)OR...
  • Bell shapeOR...
  • Large egg with 8 lines + 2" ball (2" balls are coming soon to our OG Shop)

(And yep. This is a BIG bundle of new patterns. Wait til you see it.)

4. Whatever embellishments you'd like to use for all 12 ornaments (I'm going to try and use the same embellishments for all 12 ornaments).

5. Each week's pattern (hint: the first week will be the FREE Basic Star pattern)

What if you don't yet own each week's pattern?

I don't want to leave anyone out, so in order to make this as accessible as possible for everyone to make along with me, each week's pattern will be available at a very special deal! (and some of them are free!)

The special price will be for 3 days only each week, on that week's pattern. I'll send you a link to each week's special deal when I send you your weekly challenge email.

Also, please note, that the first week's pattern is FREE (and again, there are a couple of other freebies in coming weeks, too).

Be sure you're on my email list so you can get each week's Challenge Email! Each week's email will say 'Ornament Challenge Week #' in the subject line so you can spot it easily!

(If you've never tried one of my patterns before.... they are FOOLPROOF. And many of them come with full-length videos, too. So, no worries.. you WILL be able to make these ornaments along with me. :) )

Happy Ornamenting!

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17 Responses
  • Anonymous
    September 23, 2020

    Love the idea. Thanks for sharing what foam supplies we will need ahead of time so we can get them ordered.

    • Cheryl Robbins
      September 23, 2020

      Yes I want to Participate in the challenge

      • Janelle Taliercio
        September 24, 2020

        Fabulous! Looking forward to you joining us.

    • Phyllis Johnston
      September 23, 2020

      Looking forward to this

    • Janelle Taliercio
      September 24, 2020

      You’re so welcome and I’m so glad you’re joining us!

  • Vivian Siler
    September 23, 2020

    Yes, I would like to join. What fabric line is the 3 pink fabrics shown?

    • Anonymous
      September 24, 2020

      They are:

      Moda Forest Frost Glitter 33412 11M
      Moda Rue 1800 44221
      Moda Rue 1800 44226

  • Kathy Catelotti
    September 24, 2020

    I’m in!

  • Kathleen Catelotti
    September 24, 2020

    I’m a busy person, I hope I can keep up

  • Dawn Gladstone
    September 24, 2020

    I would love to join in but I’m in Scotland so does that delays me getting any items/fabric I would need for each week?

    • Staci Ann Lowry
      September 24, 2020

      Dawn, if you are ordering them from me, then yes, unfortunately I’m sure there would be a delay. Our mail here has been slow lately anyway, but especially shipping to outside the US. Would you be able to find your supplies locally? I realize you wouldn’t be able to find the lined foam since those are custom OG products, but you could absolutely use plain 3″ balls, and draw the lines yourself (we provide all the resources for doing that!)

      The other option is perhaps just starting a little later and then getting caught up as you can! There is no rush or any of that with this challenge. It’s just meant to be for fun!

    September 25, 2020

    I want to know if you sell the fabrics because for me it is hard to find them. Thank you

  • Chris McKeley
    September 25, 2020

    I would like to join.

    Will you be restocking the 3″ 8 swirled line ball in time? Or give us directions to enable us to draw the lines ?

  • Mary Morrow
    September 27, 2020

    I cant wait but I thinking of waiting till I get to Ireland to get my fabric or start here and take it with me. I am so weight sensitive that I am bringing the items I need as I am renting. I will see how it goes and make my decision once you post the first challenge. Life is a little slower now doctors orders due to major eye issues. I have glaucoma in both eyes and have damage the nerve in one so I’m taking it easy I’m on special drops etc ………..but I still want to be part of this. Many thanks for all your support.

  • June
    September 28, 2020

    Yes I want to try the challenge again this year. I did a few last year but got behind and just stopped. Going to challenge myself and see how far I get this year.

    • Janelle - Ornament Girl Support
      October 2, 2020

      Hi June, so happy you’re joining us again this year! Janelle

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