12 Weeks of Christmas Ornaments Challenge 2020 Week 1: The Basic Star Pattern


Ready to start the ornament challenge? Me too! So... the other day when I sent out the Frequently Asked Questions email, I asked if you would reply and let me know if you were doing this challenge.... ...and we got hundreds (even more than last year!) of replies saying "YES! I'm doing the challenge!" In fact, the ...

2020 Challenge Supply and Foam List


We're about to begin the 2020 Ornament Girls Challenge! In order to make all 12 ornaments, you will need... 1. About 2 to 2-1/2 yards EACH of three different fabrics (this is an approximation - you may use slightly different amounts depending on how you arrange your fabrics on your own ornaments. You can get a little extra if ...

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How to Make Patchwork Pumpkin Disc Ornaments


In this video, Monica shows how to make these adorable little Patchwork Pumpkin Ornaments. And, we've got this fabric template available FREE. Get it HERE. Some of the Things Mentioned in the Tutorial... Free Moonlight Tutorial Custom OG Soft Foam Disc OG Tucking Tool Long Looped Pins Hot Knife Fabri-tac Glue Want the FREE printable 3-Panel Fabric & Foam Template? Get it HERE.

The Ornament Girl’s Christmas Club FAQ


We've been getting a TON of questions about the Christmas Club, so I'm here to give you some answers. Also, based on some of the feedback I received after announcing this the other day, I've decided to make one important change. Please see below. Why only 1000 spots? So, to be honest, I initially thought 1000 was more ...

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Mint Green Shimmer Basic Star Ornament


Welcome to my Ornament Girl Inspire Series! This one is not only pretty, but easy! Today's ornament: a beautiful, shimmery, mint green ornament. Pattern Info: This ornament was made with the Basic Star Pattern (<-- you can learn this pattern FREE in my Basic Star Workshop). Materials Info: Made on a 3" Soft Foam ball, with 2 different fabrics from ...