LIMIT 6 – Pre-Marked Egg w/ 8 Lines – 4″ Soft Foam

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Limit of 6 per person.

We also have our un-lined eggs available.

These Soft Foam eggs are approximately 4″, and have 8 lines pre-marked! Perfect for quilted ornament patterns that require drawing lines or creating segments.

They are Custom Designed, and created with our OG Soft Foam, that is easy to push pins into….¬† perfect for quilted ornaments!

Price is per 1 piece.

1 review for LIMIT 6 – Pre-Marked Egg w/ 8 Lines – 4″ Soft Foam

  1. Melinda Stowers (verified owner)

    These made the most beautiful gold and cream pine cones! I have to keep them in stock. The density and texture is perfect. My mom took the ornaments as soon as she saw them.! Really nice product. I just started ornamenting and these made it so much easier than the harder products in the store.

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