LIMIT 10- Pre-Marked Ball w/ 8 Lines – 3″ Soft Foam

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We have more on the way, but right now we have a LIMIT OF 10 per customer. I apologize for the inconvenience!

These Soft Foam balls are approximately 3″, and have 8 lines pre-marked! Perfect for quilted ornament patterns that require drawing lines or creating segments.

They are Custom Designed, and created with our OG Soft Foam, that is easy to push pins into….  perfect for quilted ornaments!

Price is per 1 piece.

4 reviews for LIMIT 10- Pre-Marked Ball w/ 8 Lines – 3″ Soft Foam

  1. Gloria Dahms (verified owner)

    These are soooooooooooo much easier to use. No taking time to figure or draw lines. Great

    • Staci Lowry

      I’m so glad you like them Gloria! Thank you for your comment!

  2. Migdalia Bowersock (verified owner)

    I finally used up my unmarked and started these. Wow!…So much easier. I will always used pre-marked balls. Love using them. A time saver

  3. Gail duncan

    When will you have more. Also do you have larger sizes available.

  4. Melinda Stowers

    Love the lined balls. It saves time and makes ornamenting so much easier and precise. The texture is wonderful as well. These balls make pushing pins a breeze. I’m so glad I ordered

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