OG Guide: Organizing your Ornament Supplies

This OG Guide was sparked by a crazy week I had recently.

It was 'shipping week' for our January, 2017 kit... and I decided it would also be our last shipment from our garage.

Here's what it looked like out there, about 2/3 of the way into it (we could barely move around each other, OR get around the pallets of boxes):

I'd kept it in the house as long as I could, but ...

We couldn't move, we couldn't stay organized, and with new members joining every month, I knew it would only get worse and worse.

So, I finally made the leap, and signed the lease for our very first "OG Headquarters"!


We finally have room to move and get organized! It definitely needed a little fixing up, but it had lots of space to work & grow. We might even begin holding classes one day soon, because there is a nice big open area in the front:


Here's what things are looking like now that we've been here for a few months...


Speaking of organization...

One topic that I notice keeps coming up in our private group, is fabric, ribbon, and craft supply storage. There have been some fantastic ideas shared by our members, and I'm including a few of them below. I also want to show you some of the solutions I've used over the years, too.


Organizing Fabric...

I did this to my fabric several years ago, after seeing the idea on a craft blog. While I'm now buying fabric in bulk and having to store that separately, this idea still works great for my personal stash and smaller pieces.

You can read more about this idea, right HERE:

Storing Ribbon...

store my ribbon in shallow, stackable plastic drawers, like this:


What I like about this solution? I can easily see what I have, it stays clean and dust-free, and it's easy to grab what I need.

The downside is that over time, the ribbon can get pretty jumbled, and I have to go back and straighten it up pretty often.

All Those Embellishments...

A long time ago, I made this magnetic board (covered in Elvis pics!) to store all my beads and charms. I've since moved and it got ruined (boo), but I still have all my beads in these little metal containers, in a big, shallow drawer so I can see all of them.

Why Don't You Try...

... getting your craft supplies organized! And don't feel guilty about spending the time doing it, either. Nothing gets the creativity flowing like organizing and playing with all your craft stuff. :)

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