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How was the first month of 2017 for you?

I am amazed that it’s already almost February.

A few weeks ago I told you how I’m moving the Ornament Girl business out of my house, and into a new place. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting the place ready to “live in”, like doing some painting, and building fabric cutting tables and storage shelves:


We officially begin working from there tomorrow, which is exciting, and a little scary too.

Scary for me, because I have worked from home for over 10 years now. It is going to feel strange going somewhere else every day!

But – as I was taking all of my “work” stuff out from what I used to consider my craft room, I realized it was going to feel like a craft room again… and that was a really nice feeling all of a sudden.

It’s been a long time since I felt a separation between work and making ornaments, because the two have been so intertwined, especially in the last couple of years.

And I realized, I’ve not had much time for actually making ornaments (for fun!) in a really long time.


Do you ever feel like that? Like, the “should do’s” end up taking over the “want to’s” much too often, and you don’t spend as much time crafting for fun, as you’d like to?

I bet this happens to more of us than we realize. I decided to dedicate our OG Guide #6 to some of the things that cause this.

The dreaded condition of “CPO” (Craft Project Overwhelm)…

Here is a bad habit of mine: When I have an idea for a new project, I pull out the supplies (or go buy them) – even when I’m not going to work on that project right then. I don’t want to put it all away, because I’m afraid that means I won’t get it done, or maybe I’ll even forget all about it.

So, I perch that unfinished thing on top of a counter or table space (as far in the corner as possible, so I feel better about it being there)… and this way, I can ‘remember’ to come back to it when I have time (because I don’t have time right now, of course!)

Then, before long…. other half-finished projects end up right next to it.

Soon, that little corner has transformed into a small mountain of craft supplies and unfinished projects, completely covering any possible work surface – so even if I wanted to finish any of them, I have nowhere to do it (<– excuse).


The best part? I spend time re-arranging and re-organizing my stacks of undone work, and then complain that I can’t find the time to finish any of them!

A vicious cycle, it is! :)


This will sound a little crazy… but give yourself permission NOT to finish a project if you just don’t want to anymore. (yes – without guilt!)

Crafting should be fun, and if it begins turning into a ‘should’ instead of a ‘want’… well, that’s when those projects turn into Mount Doom and cause a major case of CPO.

CPO almost always means the projects will remain undone, and new projects probably won’t happen either.

Craft Project Overwhelm = Creativity Block.

Try letting yourself off the hook (or sewing needle, or straight pin, or…). You’ll be amazed at how creative you suddenly feel.

Over-promising to make things for others…

As creative people, we generally also love to share our creativity with the world… especially with our friends and family.

But, do you ever find yourself over-promising, and then feeling overwhelmed by the idea of finishing that thing?

*raising my hand…

You might as well glue some googly eyes to it, because it sits there staring at you, making you feel awful if you try to start a different project that you actually want to do.

(img source: )

(img source: http://www.minieco.co.uk/eye-bombing/ )


Say yes to only the things that make you super excited to do. Then, grab a ride on the ‘No Train’ for everything else.

The No Train is an awesome form of transportation. It only makes stops at the things you actually want to do – and they serve up big, pretty glasses of “Overwhelm-Be-Gone” all along the way. ;)

Why Don’t You Try….

… putting away those “should do” craft projects for awhile, and making something you want to. :)

Happy Crafting!
Staci Ann

p.s. For Laughs….



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  • Marilou Young
    January 29, 2017

    I am in the process of clearing out a house I have lived in for over 20 years and having an addition built on my daughter and son-in-law’s home for me. Looking forward to this but the process is overwhelming to say the least. Can’t wait to have time for all the projects I want to do !

  • Frances McKinnon
    January 29, 2017

    Thank you Marylou Young, for pointing out the trials of moving from a home of 20 + years. My husband and I have done just that, on top of which we moved to another state. October, 2015 was our move date, and as of now, we still have not been able to get everything unpacked and/or placed in the new home.
    Of course, I also have a major problem giving up anything I “might need” later. Needless to say, all my craft supplies, painting/drawing supplies, quilting supplies, needle work supplies and general sewing supplies, are partly in our home and partly in storage. This of course doesn’t count the overwhelming collection of sewing, quilting, art, cooking, gardening and just for entertainment, novels.
    As I said, I’m just NOT very good at letting go, or giving away, or even selling the numerous amounts of my “stuff”. However, I am making an effort. A small one but still……….Baby steps! Baby steps!
    That said, any suggestions from any and all OGs will be sincerely appreciated. A starting list I need help with is any place or person where I might be able speed these collections into useful hands: quilting magazines, quilting fabric (I have enough to start a small fabric store, or to keep all 11 of my grand children busy for years), ceramic brickabac, etc. etc.etc

  • Roseanne
    January 30, 2017

    Your new location looks wonderful – how exciting! I just love your suggestions . . . it is okay to say NO. Oddly, I just tried that out for myself this past weekend – I told my niece that I would not have time to make her a speciality-sized cover for her baby’s car seat. I hope you are soon able to enjoy your craft room for some fun crafts!

  • Linda Roy
    April 27, 2017

    I am try to purchase your snow globe pattern directions, I am a returning customer but when I log in it says an error and could not be found. It is the same e=mail address that the other directions were sent to.

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