green silver glitter christmas ornament ball

One of the great things about my craft room overhaul has been rediscovering lots of ribbon and fabric that I’d stowed away (to make room for more, of course) and then forgotten all about. As long as I ignore the fact that the amount of ribbon I own is actually really, REALLY,¬†embarrassing, I’m having a grand time going through it all. I was really excited to find this gorgeous, long lost ribbon from an ornament that I had originally made in 2007…it is a sheer sage green ribbon with a delicate silver glitter leaf pattern throughout. I accented it with silver ribbon, and then added some glittery silver branches within the loops of the ribbon bow and hanger. The bad news? I only had enough ribbon leftover to make two more. Booo! Well, anyway, I’ve just listed the first Sage Leaf ornament in my ornament shop, so please check it out!

sage green silver christmas ornament ball green silver glitter christmas ornament ball


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