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7 Ideas for your Handmade Christmas Ornaments.


Well.... it's upon us! The holiday season is here. I've rounded up some ideas for you, to give you a little inspiration if you're making your own ornaments this year. Hope you enjoy. :) 1. Showcase a picture in the center of your ornament (or a name, date, sports team, favorite character, photo printed on fabric.... endless possibilities ...

Snow Globe Ornament Ideas & Inspiration.


It seems like I've been making a lot of 'Snow Globe' ornaments lately (in fact, the Cardinal Snow Globe ornament above is our upcoming December ornament kit), and so today, I'm rounding up a few ideas (new and old!) for you.... I hope these give you some inspiration for your own ornaments. The Snow Globes are so fun because ...

You can now make “Elements” – I’ve got a step by step tutorial to show you how.


I'm so excited. I've been getting requests for a tutorial to make this ornament for a couple of years now. I finally took the time to write it. Plus, this is the first new fabric tutorial I've written in nearly a year! This ornament is one of my favorites. It's so elegant, and it looks just stunning ...