Scratch n’ Dent Soft Foam – 10pc Grab Bag

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This ‘Grab Bag’ contains a variety of 10 IMPERFECT Soft Foam pieces from our shop. You’ll be saving at least 50% off the original prices on most pieces you’ll receive, and sometimes even more!

You’ll get our usual Soft Foam that is easy to push pins into (perfect for quilted ornaments), but these are the pieces that don’t make the cut around here! (We are pretty picky about the foam that goes into our kits.)

Some have dents and even a gouge here and there. Some are a little misshapen in areas. Some are ‘pocky’ – so they aren’t that pretty… but most will still work fine for a quilted ornament since you’d be covering them with fabric.¬†

Please look at the photos!

You will be receiving a GRAB BAG, which means you can’t pick and choose what you get. It will most likely be a mix of about half 3″ foam balls, mostly lined, and the other half being other (non-ball) shapes. (We won’t put more than one 2″ ball in a Grab Bag.)

Every Grab Bag is different, so you won’t be getting the exact pieces you see pictured. The photos are meant to give you an idea of the kinds of flaws you might expect to receive.

Price is per 10 pieces.



5 reviews for Scratch n’ Dent Soft Foam – 10pc Grab Bag

  1. Linda Teitelbaum (verified owner)

    I was happily surprised, I really didn’t know what to expect but I was tired of buying them at Amazon. When I opened the box I was so pleased with what the contents looked like. The imperfections were minor, and could not be noticed at all when the ornaments were finished. A very good deal for any of you.

    • Janelle Taliercio

      Hi Linda, thank you so much for your kind words and feedback! I’m so glad you’re happy with the foam. And happy ornamenting!

  2. Patty Leginus (verified owner)

    I agree with the above review – the ‘dents’ were minor and not a problem at all after making the ornaments

  3. Brenda Kromer (verified owner)

    The dents and dings aren’t bad at all and I loved the variety in the box.

  4. Sharon Harms (verified owner)

    I have ordered the Scratch and dent package a few times. I love seeing all the different shapes. The dents are minor, and can barely be noticed. Just a question, I have heard about a hot water method for restoring the shape of the foam. Is there any validity to this? How does it work? Do you recommend it?


      Hi Sharon, it’s not something anyone on our team has tried, so we can’t really speak to it personally. I am so glad to hear that the Scratch and Dents have worked for you though!

  5. Tammy Maddox (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this a few times. Foam is definitely usable and most of it in better condition than what I buy local at Hobby Lobby. I love that you don’t know what you will get. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone a couple of times, which is good.

    Most recent order was mostly five line balls. I don’t know I’d someone looked at my order history or my patterns, but I’ve been using a lot of these so I was very excited, especially since I only had one left. I know it’s luck of the draw with these, but I feel very lucky. A couple of flat marks, but they will be easily covered. I’ve been pleased with every order of these. They encouraged me to make my first Blustery snowman and Santa Star as well as providing many 3″ balls of various markings.

    Thank you so much.

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