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Tips & Tricks: Keepsake Ornaments from a Wedding Dress


The other day one of our Ornament Girls Club Members posted the most amazing idea in our private Facebook Group. She makes custom ornaments for clients, and made a very special keepsake for one of them... the ornaments above, made from her clients' mothers' old wedding dress. You could do this with any number of ornament patterns! Here, ...

Tips & Tricks: Working with Stripes


Stripes tend to look best when you make sure the stripes are running lengthwise through your fabric pieces when you cut them... that way they end up running outward from the center of your finished ornament (instead of going in all different directions and wonky-looking.) Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. ;) Happy Ornament-ing! Staci Ann

OG Tips & Tricks: Making Crown Ornaments


Something we REALLY love doing around here is making little changes to patterns, to turn them into something totally different! In this ornament, Monica took the Windmill pattern, and turned it into this gorgeous Queen of Hearts Crown, with only a few simple changes. You can see her video, showing these little changes, right HERE... which you ...