Quick Tip! Embellish your Quilted Ornaments with Flowers


Want an easy and beautiful way to embellish your quilted ornaments? How about flowers?

Here are a few quick ideas:

These sparkly poinsettias are actually scrapbooking embellishments! Simply pin them to the top of your ornaments with pearled pins (or you can use beads, sequins, etc)… and you have a beautiful topper in seconds.

Holiday Bloom

This pretty daisy came from a sprig of artificial flowers from the craft store. If you pop out the plastic stamen, you can pin your flower down easily (just like the poinsettias above). For this one, I doubled up with 2 daisies, and pinned them right over a ribbon bow:


Your flowers don’t always have to be the main attraction…. you can also tuck one into your bow, like in this ornament. (Here, I left the stem on an artificial orchid, and then pinned through the stem, so the flower sits just to the side of the bow for a tropical touch.)


And, of course, you can create a beautiful arrangement of color for your ornament. This is our upcoming September Kit of the Month, and I glued 3 different flowers in varying Fall colors, to bring out the colors in the fabric of the ornament:


I hope these inspire you to use flowers to embellish your own ornaments! 

(Or, if you’ve already done this, please share your picture with me – I would love to see your ideas.)

p.s. I have lots more embellishment ideas right HERE.

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  • Jane Rausch
    February 25, 2017

    The use of the simple flowers dressed up the balls a great deal. I now feel that in the future I will definitely use some added decoration to enhance the fabric covered balls. So simple but truly remarkable with just that little something!!!

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