Frankie – No Sew Halloween Fabric Art Ornament

I've hardly been able to wait to show you this one.

Meet Frankie.

Pattern Info: This ornament was made with our brand new Frankie Pattern, and he has to be the cutest Frankenstein ever.

(He's been the man of the hour around our shop lately... please read on!)

Frankie is also one of the first in a new series of ornament designs we're introducing, called The Artist Collection.

Our new Artist Collection was first inspired by one of the newest members of our OG Design Team, Cheri, who designed the adorable Frankie for Halloween. And since then, our entire team has been working on a collection of brand new ornaments, featuring unique freeform design, techniques, and mixed media!

(Click HERE for a Sneak Peek at just a few of the other designs we have on the way.)

They are so neat... but even better, SO FUN, to make.

Basic RGB


Materials Info: Made on a large 'hemi' shape (the large size in the OG Shop), with an array of fabrics and beads, mostly found at Joann.

There are 5 different fabrics in this ornament (not including the fabrics covering the back), but only a small amount of each one, so you could absolutely get away with using scraps.

We found that mixing up textures with the fabrics makes Frankie really pop!

This pattern is available NOW.

But guess what?

We also made kits!

We put together several hundred kits for this guy! And I gotta tell ya, these kits were a 'monster' to put together (<--okay, that was dorky).

But seriously, Frankie has quite a few pieces and parts, and so we thought some of you might love to have a kit with ALL THE THINGS to make him, including all the pre-cut fabrics, and the large foam hemi.

The kit includes the same fabrics you see in my photos of Frankie, and they are awesome. In fact, scroll back up and take a closer look at the photo.. Frankie's got all sorts of nifty textures and colors going on!

Note: The kit INCLUDES the pattern!

The pattern includes our usual step-by-step ebook (wait 'til you see how cute the eBook is), full-length video, along with a printable template & supply list.

Or, you can get the tutorial separately (without the kit) if you'd rather use your own stuff to make him.

I know the foam has been very difficult to find, so I'm also listing a limited amount of the large hemis needed to make Frankie. (There is a per-person limit, so as many people as possible can get some.)


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