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Use Ribbon & Fabric Together in a Snow Globe Ornament


This is a fall pumpkin fabric that I found at JoAnns a few years back. I outlined the pumpkin (using the Snow Globe pattern) with a gold shimmery ribbon. The last layer is actually just more of the same pumpkin fabric. Then for extra sparkle, I added a few gold sequins and seed beads around the pumpkin. All ...

Quilted Ornament Ideas for Fall.


I've got a round-up of ornament ideas for you to make for Fall! These first few ornaments follow the Quilted Ball Ornament Pattern: Autumn Leaves Flutter Falling Leaves (this is a Longaberger fabric) Pumpkin Patch (another Longaberger fabric) Harvest Sunset - this one is made from a textured wired ribbon, instead of fabric. I added gold sequins ...