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Top your ornaments with ‘Falling Leaves’ for Autumn.


Try using 'falling leaves' in place of a bow, for your Fall-themed ornaments. This is the same exact pattern as my "Moonlight" pattern (which is a free download on my site), except that I added some glittery leaves falling down one side, instead of a bow. (To add the leaves this way, start at the bottom, and ...

Quilted Ornament Ideas for Fall.


I've got a round-up of ornament ideas for you to make for Fall! These first few ornaments follow the Quilted Ball Ornament Pattern: Autumn Leaves Flutter Falling Leaves (this is a Longaberger fabric) Pumpkin Patch (another Longaberger fabric) Harvest Sunset - this one is made from a textured wired ribbon, instead of fabric. I added gold sequins ...