Quilted Ornament Video Tutorials


Yes! We’ve now got video quilted ornament tutorials. Yay!

Here’s a sneak peek:

You guys have been asking me to do this for awhile. I was a little bit resistant to the idea at first… the idea of doing video tutorials was daunting.

When one of my Ornament Girl Club members asked me a few times though, to make a video showing how to make bows, I finally thought I’d better give videos a try.

The rest is history. :) Here is my “recording studio table” for now (which is also my fabric-cutting table. Haha):


I know from that view, it doesn’t look like much, but here’s a freeze frame of the video for our September Kit instructions:


Isn’t that awesome?

It’s our new ‘Ornament Workshops’, and it’s all part of the Ornament Girl Club Membership – both VIP members, AND Digital members have access to this brand new library of videos I’ve begun adding to our member’s area.

So far, there are videos showing you:

  • How to make a perfect quilted ornament, step by step
  • How to make September’s ornament (I show the entire ornament from start to finish, explaining every single step)
  • How to get your fabric to lie smooth in the center of your Snow Globe ornaments
  • How to attach charms and embellishments
  • How to make ribbon bows and hangers
  • and tons more on the way, including full videos of some of my other ornament patterns

Right now, Digital membership is only $11/month, which is a STEAL – with access to each month’s eBook, our private community, and all new video content.

But, with all the new videos I will be adding to the membership over the next couple of months, Sept 1st is the very last day that I will be offering it at that price.

If you join on September 1st, you will lock in the $11/month forever – and when I re-open the doors the next time at a higher price, your price will STAY at only $11.

Interested in getting the kit in the mail every month, too? Then you’ll want to join as a VIP member on September 1st – and the Ornament Workshops Library is included!


We open for 1 day only, on September 1st, at 12 Noon Eastern Time. You can learn more about the club right HERE.

I hope to see you in the OG Club on the 1st.

Staci Ann

3 Responses
  • Gladys Holder
    November 2, 2016

    Those ornaments are just awesome. How much for the ornaments and the membership a month please?

  • Shirley Barr
    January 15, 2017

    Stacie, I just saw something I want to ask you about.

    It said I could buy a certain number of ornaments and get a number for free. I love the ornaments and will not always have time to make what I need myself. I would love to be able to have the option to purchase and especially receive some free.

    Will you please verify this for me?

    Thank you

    Shirley Barr

  • Kathleen Garza
    February 2, 2018

    My three ornament kits arrived but I have no videos . Where do I find them

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