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I keep a notebook full of ornament ideas. (And in fact, I accidentally brought it to my class the other day instead of my math notebook!) The last few weeks worth of pages have been Valentine ornament ideas, and I am going to try to make some of those ideas come to life over the next week.

But, last night I sat down at my desk with the intention of tackling some math problems (well, like a powderpuff sort of tackle), and instead I happened to glance at some little red paper roses that were leftover from a custom wedding ornament I recently made.

Well, needless to say, no math problems were finished, but a cute little ornament was! I was never really sure where I was going as I was making this, but it worked out to be one of those beautiful moments when something comes together naturally, and the ornament just seemed to get cuter and cuter by the minute. (at least in MY opinion :D)

Here it is:

Yours Truly Valentine Ornament

Yours Truly Valentine Ornament

I added a gunmetal plated chain for the ornament to hang from, and embellished it with a glass pearl. I also added another mini rose at the end of the chain, to dangle down from wherever the hook is placed. I thought about adding a few more embellishments around the neck, but then changed my mind. I think its simplicity is what makes it so pretty.

Yours Truly Valentine Ornament

I have to go take a math test that I am not ready for, but I have this pretty little bauble listed on my website, and will get it into my ornament shop a little bit later today. :D

Yours Truly Valentine Ornament

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