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I received an order recently from a customer who wanted to purchase my Mocha Snowflake ornament…she told me that the colors of the ornament were a perfect match to her new grandson’s nursery, and she was wondering if I could personalize it somehow for his “First Christmas” this year. I already include a dated card inside the box with each of my ornaments, but she wanted something that would actually be a part of the ornament itself. I thought about it for a few days and decided to try making a custom tag for the ornament, that would say exactly what she wanted it to say, as well as match the ornament. In the process, I realized how awesome it would be if I offered this for all of my ornaments, as an add on for anyone who would like a personalized message, name, date…anything! And so, I am very glad to say that I will be adding this option to my website very shortly!

Here is what I did for this one:

The colors of this particular ornament are brown, blue, and silver, so I used cardstock in blue and brown…I created the lettering graphic, and after getting it to a size I thought would look good on the tag, I printed it onto the blue cardstock. On another section of the same cardstock, I embossed a snowflake in brown glitter, which happens to match the snowflake charm on the ornament itself almost exactly. I cut this out, as well as another piece in brown, using a scalloped square punch, and put the two together to create a double sided tag. The lettering went over the brown side, with a tiny rhinestone underneath to add a little sparkle. I also added a matching rhinestone to the center of  snowflake on the back of the tag. I finished the hole at the top with an eyelet, for durability. Here is the finished tag (the blue is showing up a little bright in the photos…it is actually much closer to the blue in the ornament)…

Personalized Christmas Ornament

the front...

Personalized Christmas Ornament

and the back...

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