Today has been a little crazy. This post is to address the email issue that is coming up lately. First a little background…

It is getting harder than EVER to get past the spam filters. Even in just the last couple of months, they have cracked down so hard on emails, especially ones they consider ‘promotional’ – which is pretty much ANY email coming from a business. On top of that, there was this big thing called GDPR (you may have received one or a million different emails from people a couple months ago regarding all that stuff – more anti-spam/privacy related stuff basically).

In other words, the AOLs, Yahoos, Hotmails, and other email providers of the world are deciding more than ever, what email you should get and what you shouldn’t.

Here’s the thing.. all I can do is try and send you emails, but you may have to take a few steps on your end if you aren’t getting them, because it involves your specific email provider, and they are all different. And, unfortunately, there is just no way for me to know exactly what could be the cause of the issue for every single person.

Here are some things you can try…

1. First of all, please check your spam folders. It’s very possible my emails have been filtered into there, even if they were never put there before.

2. Whitelist my email address: That email address always shows ‘The Ornament Girl’ as the sender. This will tell your email provider that you DO indeed want my emails.

3. If you have Gmail, move one of my emails out of the ‘Promotional’ folder and into your regular inbox. This will tell Gmail that this is an email you want, and not spam.

4. Make sure you don’t accidentally mark any of my emails as spam. This is like the KISS OF DEATH for email. If you mark one of my emails as spam, even accidentally, you will never get another email from me, ever, ever again… because I will not be ALLOWED to send them to you, by law.

It pains me when I see some of you guys saying you haven’t gotten my email (which is happening more and more lately), and I check and see that it WAS indeed sent.. sometimes I can figure it out and offer some help, but many times, I am pretty helpless! Hopefully, trying some of the above will help fix the issue. If I learn any new tricks when it comes to this, I will certainly share them with you and do my best to keep helping with this.

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  1. Anonymous on October 16, 2018 at 7:26 am

    I get all the other emails so I don’t understand why I haven’t received emails for the challenge. Apparently you haven’t received my emails either, because I’ve sent at least three trying to get info each week about challenge. So far, I’ve been able to get info off of the FB page. We’ll keep trying.

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