Easter Egg Quilted Ornament Pattern e-BOOK – No Sew


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Not only are these so much fun to make… the possibilities are endless for decorating them.

Different color combos, ribbons, embellishments… I mean, they’re Easter eggs, right? So you can use lots of bright colors, patterns… get flashy!

This e-Book has over 70 step-by-step photos showing you how to make these beautiful Easter eggs.

First, I will take you through the process of creating a basic egg. After I show you the technique, I show you more ways to change the look, by making variations in the pattern and finishing your eggs.

The possibilities with these are endless, and by the time you are done with one, you will probably have come up with tons more of your own creative ideas!

My designs have been featured in The Quilter Magazine, Southern Lady Magazine, Nikon, and more.

“I love these and was surprised at all the little extras you include with the directions. Thank you!!” -Gloria



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