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Get access to all the content from our Old Glory Live Challenge!

In this Challenge, we made four different patterns, flag-style: the Spiral Pattern, Prairie Pinwheel Pattern, Classic Pinwheel Pattern, and the Sparkler Pattern.

We did this Challenge back in June, 2021, but you don’t have to miss out on the fun. You can get forever- access to all of the Livestream Recordings, Cheat Sheets, Bonus Prep Videos, Info Sheet and more.

IMPORTANT: This event took place LIVE back in June 2021, and this purchase enables you to access all of the past Recordings.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • An Info Sheet listing out all the fabrics & supplies, along with total fabric cuts, for all 4 ornaments.
  • A bonus PREP video showing you the best way to cut your fabrics, to get enough pieces for all 4 ornaments.
  • Bonus PREP videos showing you how to prep your foam for each ornament.
  • Ball-marking templates for each ornament.
  • Planning & Coloring Sheets for all 4 patterns.
  • The Four Livestream Recordings, one for each ornament tutorial we did.
  • The UNPLANNED BONUS: We made a printable Cheat Sheet for 3 of the ornaments, to help you remember the special flag-style fabric layout!

**INSTANT DOWNLOADS and ACCESS – The PDF files, and links to your video, will be emailed to you immediately after you complete checkout. You can be starting your Challenge within 5 minutes from now!**




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