Flat Ivory ‘Eye’ Beads – 2 Pcs


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There are TWO beads per set.

Flat Ivory Beads, perfect for the ‘eyes’ of our newest Halloween Patterns!

Our pattern designer Cheri originally used vintage beads on these designs, and we loved them, but they proved to be impossible to find.

We searched for weeks and FINALLY found these beautiful ivory beads, which look almost identical to the vintage beads she’d used.

These are natural shell beads, some with a lot of variation, and so we sorted through them by hand and picked out the best ones for you to use in our Frankie and Scared Mummy designs!

(Finished Ornaments shown for inspiration, and are not included.)

Please note: You’ll get 2 beads total, per set ordered. 


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Shipping for any number/combination of beads & charms (and many of my other small embellishments) is a flat fee, no matter how many charms you buy.



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