Custom Tape Measure & Foam Marking Guides – Set of 3

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What makes these little tape measures so special?

  • They have fractional markings on one side.
  • They have FOAM MARKING templates on the other.
  • One end has a clean edge, beginning exactly at the first mark, so you can EASILY start measuring right from the end. (So handy when making ornaments!)
  • The other end has a gold D-ring, so you can hang or clip it anywhere.

Or clip them together, because this special GIFT SET has three different foam-marking templates, all packaged together in a cute little reusable tin, and with a gold OG logo keyring to hold them!

One of them can be used to mark 4, 6, or 8 lines on 3″ foam balls.

One of them does 4, 6, or 8 lines on our large foam eggs.

And the last one does:

  • 3 lines on each side of a heart (for patterns like the Peekaboo Heart or Trinity Knot)
  • 5 lines on a 3″ ball.
  • and, 12 lines on a disc (for patterns like the Prairie Point Pinwheel!)

So, this set of all 3 tape measures contains NINE different ball marking templates.

We also have the other OG Tape Measures, offered individually. See them here.

Price is for One Set of 3 Tape Measures, and includes a gold reusable tin, keyring, and OG logo charm.

1 review for Custom Tape Measure & Foam Marking Guides – Set of 3

  1. Klara Palatinus (verified owner)

    I brought this entire set of tape measures when first introduced and Stacy you are a genius !! I struggled marking my ball into equal segments, now its a no brainer, everyone should have this, it would make your life much simpler, Thank you again Staci !

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