Why are my ornament instructions digital?

My instructions are extremely in-depth, and full of big, top-notch, step by step photos. They are more than just instructions – they are full-on eBooks.

Providing them digitally means that I can make them as in-depth as possible without the huge printing cost. This allows me to not only provide the best quilted ornament instructions possible…. but also make them individually & specifically for each ornament Kit of the Month. This would not be possible for me to do on a monthly basis if I was having them printed. Plus, they would be insanely expensive.

You will not find better instructions for making these ornaments anywhere, I promise.

Once you purchase any of my eBooks, you’ll be able to immediately download it to your computer. But not only that, you’ll receive access to your own personal library page on my website. On that page, you’ll be able to always access any and all eBooks you ever purchase from me, now or in the future.


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