What customers have said about my ornaments and patterns…

~”Hi! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the great tutorial! I must admit that I didn’t purchase your tutorial right away. Honestly… I really didn’t see the need to shell out $10 for something I was certain I could either find elsewhere online or just figure out on my own. But after wasting many frustrating hours and hours (and hours!) trying to duplicate the quality of ornaments on your website, I finally just broke down and bought your tutorial.

Best. $10. Ever. Spent.

Your tutorial was worth every penny! It has saved me on material costs, and my results finally look how I envisioned them all along — with nice, crisp, and consistent lines. Had I only known! I really should have bought your tutorial from the start and saved myself the time and frustration. Thank you!!” -Monica
~”Thank you so much for the bonus pdf.  I have been making quilted ornaments every night as I watch TV.  They are so much fun!  I really appreciated the way you added time saving tips to your pdf instructions.  I have found some “free” instructions, but they are are alot more complicated and time consuming.  Your methods not only save me time, but tons of money on extra materials that really aren’t necessary.  Please let me know if you come out with any new pdf’s for ornaments.  By the way, your pdf is so well written that I think my “non-crafting” daughter would be able to do them following your instructions!” -Veronica
~”Thank you so much for sharing your directions for making these beautiful ornaments. As a retired English teacher, I also want to thank you for your excellently written directions and beautiful illustrations. I’ve read many, many directions making quilts, doing embroidery, and just regular garment sewing, and yours are at the top.” -April
~”I must tell you that your tutorial was extremely helpful! So many little ways to save pins and material!! Thank you so much for your help! LOVE LOVE LOVE your ornaments!!!” -Robin
~”Thank you, Staci. I made a number of quilted ornaments as Christmas gifts and I am planning a few for baby gifts. Everyone loves them!! I will see if I can dig up my photos and send them to you. Your instructions were so good, very detailed and I had no problem following them. Excellent tutorial!” -Karen
~“Hi Staci…Love the tutorial – only had to look at it a couple of times! ….I’ll send pics when they are done ( I am making a dozen to see how they go). Thanks for the great instructions!!” -Lee Anne
~“Staci: I have made several ornaments and your instructions have been very helpful. I learned to do these ornaments the hard way!!! I just purchased your snow globe pattern a bit ago and can’t wait to try out your instructions! I will try to get some pictures to you – what you lack in math skills, I lack in photography skills….I wish I didn’t have to work. I’d be making ornaments all the time! Thanks for sharing and checking in. The exceptional customer service you provide is very rare!” -Amy
~“Staci, If I have any photos of the ones I made I will forward to you. I made them as Christmas gifts and they turned out great! Your tutorial was an easy step by step that was well worth your charge. I would get through a step then scroll down for the next one. I will be making more for Christmas this year too.” -Joni
~“Hi Staci – I had great results with your pattern and have made several ornaments.” -Anne Marie
~“Absolutely loved it! I will get you photos soon … mine look a little different as I use mine as more of a “memory” ornament. Instead of using the middle, I make an iron-on of a photo, put it on white fabric and quilt around it. I have had tons of compliments on them.” -Jackie
~“It was very easy to follow and I’m getting better with each one. Thanks for checking in.” -Emily
~“Staci, I have had NO trouble with the ornaments. I made several last year as gifts. Thanks for checking!” -Jan
~“Hi Staci, I had no problem at all following the instructions in your tutorials. I have since made about 40 ornaments. I have also adapted the fabric measurements in your tutorials and have made 6 inch, 4 inch, and 2 1/2 inch ornaments, all of which turned out very nicely. I love your ornaments, and I hope to be able to purchase more of your ornament kits in the future. Thanks for making them available!” -Pat
~“I went crazy and made a lot. The tutorial worked out perfectly for me. I did a little improvising on some of the ornaments and they all came out almost perfect. I gave them out as christmas gifts last year and they were a huge success.” -Suzan
~”You certainly made my day and Christmas. :-) The Holly Ornament arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous. How lucky could I get! I certainly look forward to many more. Many thanks.” -Grace
~”Thanks so much for getting the ornament to me before Christmas. I received it this afternoon and it is just as pretty as the picture. I’m sure my sister & brother-in-law will like it as much as I do. You did great work and I appreciate your effort.” -Elizabeth
~”I am so excited to see the ornament “in person.” The Gold Diamond ornaments that I received in July are truly jewels – my daughter and I have them on our trees this year and they have become the focal point. On both trees, it seems to be the ornament that is noticed first by EVERYONE.” – Diana
~”Well, the ornaments arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon. They are just beautiful!! I cannot wait to hang my Christmas ornaments on the tree this year! I will be sending the Halloween ornament to my boss and will let you know what she says. I am sure she will enjoy it. You do beautiful work! I will certainly be in touch for future orders.” -Kristin
~”I received my…ornaments in Petal Pink and Capri Melon and I love them. Thank you so much, they’re beautiful and the craftmanship is like no other I have ever seen.” -Valerie
~”I received the ornament in the mail today……When I opened the box, I was in awe…It is absolutely…gorgeous. My girlfriend is going to LOVE it. She has this beautifully decorated black and white Christmas tree in her living room. It will look gorgeous on there. You are amazingly talented. Thank you for sharing your gift with others…” -Charmaine
~”Just wanted to let you know that my ornaments arrived. They are superb. I am very pleased. Thanks for your great communication and fast shipping.” -Dana
~”I received the three Halloween ornaments today, they are wonderful! Your workmanship is flawless, thank you for such creative and special ornaments. I look forward to purchasing more in the future!” -Denise
~”I received the beautiful ornament. Wow you do an amazing job. I have seen these ornaments before but never have I seen them so beautiful…Once again, thank you so much. You do beautiful work!!” – Michelle
I love the ornaments! They are truly the most beautiful things. You should be so proud of your handiwork. -Elizabeth
“Just wanted to let you know my ornaments arrived and I love them! They are even prettier in person than they appeared online. I look forward to more of your designs. Thank you so much for making my special orders so quickly.” -Norma
The ornaments are gorgeous! I love them. I can’t wait to give them to my daughters. Thanks again, Staci and have a great holiday. -KB
Truly Stunning Unique Works Of Art! Always looking forward in anticipation to your next design. -Helz
Beautiful designs. So different & wonderful website as well. Well done. -Ross
Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. E-mailing a link to all my friends. Such a beautiful site. -Vickie
Wow I love your ornaments, I am a country christmas fanatic I wish I would have known about this site last christmas. -Wendy
I think all of your ornaments are beautiful! I want to buy all of them and wish I could. I love them and look forward to your next design. -Denise
Very beautiful and great service! I received the item within 4 days of ordering. Thank you so much! -Sharlee

Absolutely STUNNING! There are no words to describe how Beautiful they are!! -Surget
You are genuinely a creative and most talented person! These ornaments are just Awesome! Thanks for sharing such beauty! -Melanie
WOW Absolute perfection! Even more beautiful in person! Quick shipment also! -Ink, Inkprince.com
WOW, your work is beautiful! I have never seen ornaments like this before, I love them all! What a beautiful addition to a christmas tree. -Susan
My ornament arrived today and I just love it……so very pretty and a work of art….I will cherish this ornament…..thanks bunches, p.s. you can be sure I’ll be back for more :-) -Diane
Congratulations on your wonderful site! I love your designs! Truly unique. I collect keepsake ornaments. I wish you continued success and God’s blessings. -Cathy
Hi Staci! I just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you how very much I love all of the ornaments you made and sent to me several months ago. I know you were pushed with all of your special orders, so I feel very special that you finished all of mine so beautifully and sent them on to me with such speed. They looked so lovely on our tree. Thank you for everything again. Your ornaments are so very special to our family. -Margaret
Hi, I’ve rec’d the ornaments,and they’re just gorgeous!!!! I love them!!!! Thank You sooooo much for making them, you do excellent work!!! Thank You again, Jane
Staci, The ornaments arrived just now and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are absolutely breath taking, thank you so much, I am just thrilled with these. -Missi
I love the ornament – it is absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. -Deborah
I received the ornaments in today’s mail and they are gorgeous!!!!! -Jeanette
I received the ornaments and I am thrilled with them! Again, you do beautiful work. Very talented! I will look for you at Christmas! -Carol
Staci: These are some of the most beautiful ornaments I have ever seen – handmade ornaments are just a bit more special. They will make the perfect hostess and Chrismas gifts! -Traci
Hi! Well, I think that I’ve purchased all I can ~ for this week at least! Any more and I’ll have to find part-time job to support this ~ LOL! But they are ALL so wonderful & pretty ~ and then you added even more to your store! Such decisions because I wanted them all! -Dana
Hello Staci, The gorgeous tree ornaments arrived safely this morning – they are absolutely beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like them in this country. Thank you very much. Regards, Diedre
I got the box and I ADORE the ornaments!!!! They are GORGEOUS!! and I gave the apple one to my dear friend, a special ed teacher. She loved it! I had bought a brass ornament holder for her to hang it on and keep it out all year. THANKS!! -Helen
Hi Staci, I received the ornaments today. They are gorgeous! I absolutely love them. I can’t wait until Christmas to give the white and gold one to my sister in law. I will be buying more throughout the year. I’m looking forward to many more beautiful ornaments to come. Thank you again, Tina
Hi Staci, I am buying gold and silver etc., because I want a variety. I will be giving them as gifts, plus some for myself. I’ll put them in my large footed glass bowl for everyone to see and pick from, going to be beautiful! -Carol
Staci, THEY ARE STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! -Lore
I always give my 2 nephews & our daughter an ornament every year & I am always looking for that special, different ornament to give to them. I’ve been doing this for the last 36 years. So, when I see something different that I know I’ve never given them before, I jump on it!!!!!!! And your ornament certainly fills the bill!! It is gorgeous!! -Barbara
I bought 4 of your Christmas ornaments and they are more beautiful in person. You have talent and should do very well! Just wanted to let you know how much I like them and appreciate the work that has gone into making them. They are going to be shared with many people on my Christmas list this year. I’m keeping the white one for myself! -Bobbi


I’d love to hear if you’ve got something to add. Please feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Barbara Keyser on July 27, 2014 at 8:39 am

    Hi … I just sent a message to you and typed in the “code” below, and then clicked on submit, but not sure you got the message. I am interested in learning how to make Christmas ornaments.. Let me know if you received my email. thanks..Mrs. Keyser

  2. Debbie Hill on February 3, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    i purchased an ornament pattern with my paypal acct but did not get it

    • Staci Ann Lowry on February 4, 2015 at 12:38 am

      Hi Debbie…. I’ve justre-sent the files to you. There are 4 separate emails (the main pattern, plus the 3 bonus tutorials that come with it). Will you let me know if you get them this time? (And please check your spam folder, just in case they’ve ended up there!).

  3. Phyllis Hagemann on December 11, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    I can not get into e-books

  4. Cheryl on April 1, 2020 at 11:15 am

    Help! I still cannot log in to the site for sign up to digital club. I keep getting a msg that IP address cannot be found. I have been waiting all month for 4/1 hoping to join the digital club. Is it open and are there any openings available? Please, please, please? this is a birthday present to myself…

    Cheryl Thomas

    • Janelle Taliercio on April 2, 2020 at 8:03 pm

      Hi Cheryl, I am so sorry about the error you received. We were in the middle of switching hosting companies so there was some downtime with the sites. Having said that, we actually didn’t open the club to new members this month. We hope to in the next month or two. Are you on the club waitlist? We will email you when we open the club next. https://ornamentgirls.club If you need anything, do let us know. And happy birthday to you!

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