Welcome to my Ornament Girl Inspire Series!

These posts won't take you but a few seconds to read. Each one will simply contain an ornament picture meant to inspire you & give you some new ideas. 

Today's ornament: A beautiful Fall Sunflower themed Prairie Pinwheel.

Pattern Info: This ornament was made with the Prairie Pinwheel Pattern.

Materials Info: Made on a 3" SoftFoam ball, with several different fabrics found at Hobby Lobby.

The raffia and sunflower embellishments were also found at Hobby Lobby.

So gorgeous for Fall!

Happy Ornament-ing!

Staci Ann


  1. Ruth Burke on September 22, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    That is perhaps the loveliest ornament yet. Well done Stacy.

  2. Anonymous on November 25, 2019 at 1:39 pm

    This is my Very Favorite Ornament so far! I may be biased though due to my borderline unnatural obsession for sunflowers! It’s a Mother Daughter thing! When my now 22 year old Daughter was just a baby I sang you are my sunshine to her all the time! When she was maybe 3 I found the cutest dancing sunflower that played that very song! She loved it we would dance and laugh and sing with it all the time! Unfortunately due to a excited little boxer Puppy the sunflower had to be given a proper burial years ago! That’s another story though! But we have our memories and our love of sunflowers thanks to that little dancing sunflower! That’s what matters most! Anyway Great job I truly Love this ornament!! We will for sure be attempting to make this one and several other sunflower pattern fabric ornaments! Thanks for the INSPIRATION! BY the way I’m so enjoying my new OG membership!!

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