OG Inspire: Pink Floral Parasol


Welcome to my Ornament Girl Inspire Series!

These posts won't take you but a few seconds to read. Each one will simply contain an ornament picture meant to inspire you & give you some new ideas. 

Today's ornament: a cute little pink floral parasol ornament.

Pattern Info: This ornament was made with the Parasol Pattern, modified for a half-round foam shape.

Materials Info: Made on a Hemi (half-round) Foam Shape. The pink tonal fabric was from JoAnn, and the floral is from the Tivoli Garden line by Wilmington Prints.

Monica found the beaded fringe trim from a seller on eBay. The umbrella handle is a bamboo skewer wrapped in ribbon!

Want to learn some tips for making these cute little umbrella ornaments? Click here for a video!

Happy Ornament-ing!

Staci Ann

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  • Cindy
    May 16, 2019

    Love the colors and patterns, especially the parasol!

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