Ladybug Ornaments!


I want to share some of the beautiful Ladybug ornaments that our Ornament Girl Club Members have been creating from their April kit, and sharing in our private Facebook group. It’s so inspiring to see the different ways that everyone makes their ornaments. Enjoy!

(This kit has been my most popular ornament kit ever. In fact, I’ve mailed out over 1K of them this month – crazy! Each month I make them for our Kit Club members and I try to make some extra, in case any are lost in the mail, etc. I have just 18 9 of them left, right HERE.)


2 Responses
  • Kathy Newby
    December 17, 2016

    Please. When you get more kits in please email me I would love to buy one. My granddaughter is my ladybug,,,I get her a ladybug ornament each year…it’s even better when I make them…this is an awesome.. Kit

  • Sue
    December 23, 2016

    I would love to order one also. Actually I’d need 19 for next year. How much is the kit ?


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