Ladybug-No Sew Fabric Art Ornament

I've got something new and totally adorable to show you!

Say hello to our newest pattern, the cutest little Ladybug.

Pattern Info: This ornament was made with our brand new Ladybug Pattern... perfect for spring and summer. 

The Ladybug pattern is the newest installment in our  series of ornament designs, called The Artist Collection.

The Artist Collection was first inspired by one of the newest members of our OG Design Team, Cheri, who designed the adorable Frankie for Halloween. And since then, our entire team has been working on a collection of brand new ornaments, featuring unique freeform design, techniques, and mixed media!

They are so neat... but even better, SO FUN, to make.

Basic RGB


Materials Info: Made on a 'hemi' shape.

This ornament goes together so quick! You can turn out a whole bunch of ladybugs in no time at all.

This pattern is available NOW.

We have the our Soft Foam 'Hemis' available for you now so you can get started right way!

We hope this fun little patterns helps you start thinking spring!

Happy Ornament-ing!

Staci Ann

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