The Half & Half patten is a brand new design (the first of many to come!), by the super talented Monica Mihajlovic (a.k.a. SugarPlum), the very first independent designer for The Ornament Girl.

I have hardly been able to wait to introduce you to Monica and her amazing designs. The Half & Half ornament pattern is such a fun twist on the typical “quilted” ornament. Her techniques will give you
eye-catching results – with NO SEWING.

Can’t find fabric for your favorite team or school? With this pattern, it’s no problem! Use the Half and Half pattern to boldly represent the colors of sports teams, schools, organizations, and products when official fabric either doesn’t exist or is hard to find.

The Half & Half technique is versatile. Use it to create stunning one-of-a-kind ornaments for your favorite teams, graduations, charities, fraternal organizations… even superheroes!

Imagine what an amazing gift this ornament would make for your favorite graduate.

Click HERE to buy the full-length Half & Half eBook

When you purchase the new Half & Half eBook, you’ll also get THREE very special bonus downloads!

First, Monica has put together a gorgeous ‘Look Book’ of ideas for you. She will inspire you with ideas celebrating:

Schools and Sports Teams
Favorite Products
Graduations – my favorite!
New Babies
.. and more!

Second, you’ll get a tutorial showing you how to vary the main pattern, to make Monica’s adorable ‘Magical Mouse Ears’ ornament.

And third, you’ll get yet ANOTHER bonus tutorial showing you how to make this beautiful ‘Stars &
Stripes’ variation of the pattern.

Click HERE to buy the full-length Half & Half eBook

Click HERE to buy the full-length Half & Half eBook

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