Well, today I FINALLY began to get some photos posted of my new ornament designs for the 2010 holiday season…and I say that with a HUGE “finally” because I have been working on these new ideas since July! I am more excited this year than ever, for a couple of reasons. First of all, a few days ago was the 5 year anniversary of my first ornament sale…I just can’t believe how this little hobby has grown during that time. Also, this year I have kind of stepped out of the box and come up with some completely brand new designs, which I really think have come out awesome. As weird as this sounds, the inspiration for my new collection was…peacock feathers and fabric flowers. Wha? Well, being the girly girl, jewelry and accessory junkie that I am, back in the early summer I got into making myself some headbands, hair clips, shoe clips, etc, and I became absolutely obsessed with feathers, beading, and making fabric flowers. As a matter of fact, I had begun seriously considering starting a second business and selling handmade accessories. But then (after coming back down to Earth…a single mom, business owner, and part time student getting the crazy idea of starting another business??!), something just sort of hit me…CHRISTMAS is my passion, and my mind just started going insane with new ideas. It’s been a crazy couple of months for me, as I’ve been trying to organize my ideas and bring them to life…and believe me, this is not an easy thing for someone as scatterbrained as I am! However, this year, my new ornaments really reflect the style of the season and the year…lots of teal, blue, turquoise, purple, and gold…some shabby chic pieces in pinks, lavender, and greens…lots of hand sewn fabric flowers and beads…tons of glitter…and of course, feathers. The design process for some of the pieces this year were literally weeks in the making, as I tried to make them come together as I envisioned, and I actually chronicled a few of the ornaments over the time that I created them, for blog posts that I will write over the next few days. I am especially excited over my new Christmas Carol Collection, which was inspired by my son…I will be writing about that very soon.

You can check out what I have posted so far in the new collection here, and soon, on my website and ornament shop.

I hope that you find something that you like in the new collection for this year, and as always, I would love to hear comments, suggestions, ideas, or anything else you have to tell me! I will be listing the ornaments in my ornament shop over the next day or two, and they will be made to order…please just keep in mind that I have a waiting list of about a month right now. Thanks for reading, and for checking out my new ornaments! There are even more coming, as soon as I get the photos finished, so please stay tuned. :D

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  1. Betty Pitman on October 22, 2010 at 7:50 am

    This is great!!!!So pretty!!!!!!

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