The absolute coolest thing about our Ornament Girls Club, for me, has been the private Facebook group. I added it as a "last minute" idea when I decided to begin the Kit of the Month club, having no clue that it would become the very best part of the whole thing. Literally from Day 1, [...]

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I Am Hiring!

Updated June 23, 2016. I am looking for someone who can help me with product creation, filling orders, etc. This is an in-person position, not virtual. Here are some of the tasks you would be helping me with: 1. Putting together various ornament kit parts, including cutting & bagging fabric, weighing and bagging pins, and [...]


St. Patrick's Day isn't a holiday I've made tons of ornaments for, but I do make at least one each year. It's hard to resist the green and gold fabrics, and a lot of the prints are just plain fun. Here are some of the ornaments I've done over the last few years (including this [...]


Here's a very merry way to add to your Quilted Ornament skill-set! The Snow Globe Pattern - $10 The Pine Cone Pattern - $10 The Pinwheel Pattern - $$10 This offer ends on December 23, at 2 pm EST. Bonus #1: How to make a ribbon bow & hanger. Bonus #2: The best way to [...]


Well.... it's upon us! The holiday season is here. Hope you enjoy. :) 1. Showcase a picture in the center of your ornament (or a name, date, sports team, favorite character, photo printed on fabric.... endless possibilities here): (Click HERE for lots more "Snow Globe Ornament" ideas): 2. Use wired holiday ribbon (instead of fabric) [...]


Calling All Ornament Girls!

November Update: The club membership has sold out for November (next opening is December 1st), but if I have any extras of the November kit once all of our club members have received theirs, I will list them HERE. Want in? Click here to get the details.


On Sunday night, I listed 320 of the November Ornament Kit, and late the next morning, the last one was sold. So, the Kit of the Month idea seems to be a smashing success, but a couple of issues did come up. Part of the issues were technical. My shopping cart decided that if you [...]


I've been getting asked for quite awhile now.... when am I ever going to step up my game and offer more ornament kits? I usually have a few new ones here and there, but I'll admit - it's been a little.... sporadic. Last month, when I offered the Hope Ornament Kit, I was totally blown [...]


Things are starting to feel more festive. Christmas isn't far off anymore, and Halloween is just around the corner. (And, I think we might even have a non-90's degree here in Southwest Florida soon - wahoo!) I added some cute little Halloween charms to these first few. (There is a link to where I buy [...]


When you sign up for my email list, I send you a free pattern e-Book, for an ornament design that I created several years back, that I named "Moonlight". It's one of my all-time favorite ornaments (blue is my favorite color!), and it's just one of those craft projects that ends up looking even more beautiful than you expect [...]