Ladybug Ornaments!

I want to share some of the beautiful Ladybug ornaments that our Ornament Girl Club Members have been creating from their April kit, and sharing in our private Facebook group. It's so inspiring to see the different ways that everyone makes their ornaments. Enjoy! (This kit has been my most popular ornament kit ever. In [...]


The absolute coolest thing about our Ornament Girls Club, for me, has been the private Facebook group. I added it as a "last minute" idea when I decided to begin the Kit of the Month club, having no clue that it would become the very best part of the whole thing. Literally from Day 1, [...]

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I Am Hiring!

Updated June 23, 2016. I am looking for someone who can help me with product creation, filling orders, etc. This is an in-person position, not virtual. Here are some of the tasks you would be helping me with: 1. Putting together various ornament kit parts, including cutting & bagging fabric, weighing and bagging pins, and [...]


St. Patrick's Day isn't a holiday I've made tons of ornaments for, but I do make at least one each year. It's hard to resist the green and gold fabrics, and a lot of the prints are just plain fun. Here are some of the ornaments I've done over the last few years (including this [...]


Here's a very merry way to add to your Quilted Ornament skill-set! The Snow Globe Pattern - $10 The Pine Cone Pattern - $10 The Pinwheel Pattern - $$10 This offer ends on December 23, at 2 pm EST. Bonus #1: How to make a ribbon bow & hanger. Bonus #2: The best way to [...]


Well.... it's upon us! The holiday season is here. Hope you enjoy. :) 1. Showcase a picture in the center of your ornament (or a name, date, sports team, favorite character, photo printed on fabric.... endless possibilities here): (Click HERE for lots more "Snow Globe Ornament" ideas): 2. Use wired holiday ribbon (instead of fabric) [...]


Calling All Ornament Girls!

November Update: The club membership has sold out for November (next opening is December 1st), but if I have any extras of the November kit once all of our club members have received theirs, I will list them HERE. Want in? Click here to get the details.


On Sunday night, I listed 320 of the November Ornament Kit, and late the next morning, the last one was sold. So, the Kit of the Month idea seems to be a smashing success, but a couple of issues did come up. Part of the issues were technical. My shopping cart decided that if you [...]


I've been getting asked for quite awhile now.... when am I ever going to step up my game and offer more ornament kits? I usually have a few new ones here and there, but I'll admit - it's been a little.... sporadic. Last month, when I offered the Hope Ornament Kit, I was totally blown [...]


Things are starting to feel more festive. Christmas isn't far off anymore, and Halloween is just around the corner. (And, I think we might even have a non-90's degree here in Southwest Florida soon - wahoo!) I added some cute little Halloween charms to these first few. (There is a link to where I buy [...]