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9 Easter Egg ideas

I've put a link above each picture to where you can check out each talented creator, plus a full tutorial. :) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the [...]

cute quilted ball easter ornaments

Here are a few no-sew ornaments & Easter eggs I've made this year and in the past. I hope these give you some ideas, and inspire your own new ones. :) Turquoise, teals, and greens are my favorites. All of the fabrics in this ornament were different fat quarters that I put together really quickly [...]


I made this one a few years back. I called it "Lucky Charm" because of the cute little 4 leaf clover charm I added. It's based on the Basic Quilted Ball Pattern (which will also show you how to attach charms and embellishments, like I've done here). (Oh, and by the way, I got the [...]

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14 fabric and quilting projects for valentines day

Just a few of the beautiful projects I've seen around the internet lately for Valentine's Day! (Click each picture to see its original creator plus tutorial.)      

Let It Snow

UPDATE at 9:30 A.M. EST: Today is the day! If you're looking to get an ornament or the new Pinwheel pattern, please read this short post. I will be announcing when my shop is open in just a few hours. This Thursday, December 11th, I will have a small collection of new ornaments and kits [...]


I say nightmare because guess where I am? NOT on the Gulf Coast! I am still in my house. Actually, a better way to word that is that I am BACK in my house, after moving out, and then having to move back into it, 10 days later. Sigh. (<--- that's a sigh of exhaustion, [...]


Wow, guys. I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone who took advantage of the moving sale I advertised last week. I told you all about my upcoming move, and how I thought maybe I could lighten up my packing load by holding an impromptu 40% off sale.... well, within [...]

how to use up fabric scraps

One of the questions I am asked most often about my quilted ornament patterns is: "I have tons of scraps and fat quarters left over from my bigger quilting projects. Are these pieces big enough to make quilted ornament projects from?" The answer is, absolutely. In fact, quilted ornaments are a perfect way to use [...]


I'm so excited. I've been getting requests for a tutorial to make this ornament for a couple of years now. I finally took the time to write it. Plus, this is the first new fabric tutorial I've written in nearly a year! This ornament is one of my favorites. It's so elegant, and it looks [...]

Christmas time is here.

It seemed to creep up quick this year, didn't it? (I guess it always does!) If you're in need of any quick and easy gift ideas, or if you just want to make yourself some more decorations for the tree (like me!), I've got 3 clear glass ornament ideas that'll take you all of 10 [...]