Calling All Ornament Girls!


November Update: The club membership has sold out for November (next opening is December 1st), but if I have any extras of the November kit once all of our club members have received theirs, I will list them HERE. Want in? Click here to get the details.


Yes! We've now got video quilted ornament tutorials. Yay! You guys have been asking me to do this for awhile. I was a little bit resistant to the idea at first... the idea of doing video tutorials was daunting. When one of my Ornament Girl Club members asked me a few times though, to make [...]

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Probably one of the quickest & easiest ways you can dress up or personalize your quilted ornaments is to add a charm or two. Most of the time, I simply create a "chain" from a couple of jumprings, add my charm to it, and then pin it right onto the top of my ornament (held [...]


I have another quick & easy ornament embellishment idea for you: beads, sequins, and rhinestones... simply pin or glue them on! You can create designs and patterns with our embellishments, or just put them on randomly... whatever fits your ornament best. Get creative! In our upcoming September Kit of the Month, I used a mix [...]


Want an easy and beautiful way to embellish your quilted ornaments? How about flowers? These sparkly poinsettias are actually scrapbooking embellishments! Simply pin them to the top of your ornaments with pearled pins (or you can use beads, sequins, etc)... and you have a beautiful topper in seconds. This pretty daisy came from a sprig of artificial flowers from [...]


This month, we Ornament Girls are making quilted Christmas pine cones! I was really excited about this one... first, because it was CHRISTMAS, and second because of the beautiful Moda fabrics. (The kit included 3 different metallic prints in the "Holly Night" line, and they are just gorgeous - I have become such a fan [...]


A Cherry Picnic.

Joyce M

May is winding down (already!), but before it's over, I wanted to share with you a gallery of ornaments from our Ornament Girl Club Members this month. This month's kit was all about cherries and picnic plaid! (Yep, I do have a few of them left, right HERE.) I hope these inspire you to make [...]


Ladybug Ornaments!


I want to share some of the beautiful Ladybug ornaments that our Ornament Girl Club Members have been creating from their April kit, and sharing in our private Facebook group. It's so inspiring to see the different ways that everyone makes their ornaments. Enjoy! (This kit has been my most popular ornament kit ever. In [...]


The absolute coolest thing about our Ornament Girls Club, for me, has been the private Facebook group. I added it as a "last minute" idea when I decided to begin the Kit of the Month club, having no clue that it would become the very best part of the whole thing. Literally from Day 1, [...]


I Am Hiring!


Updated June 23, 2016. I am looking for someone who can help me with product creation, filling orders, etc. This is an in-person position, not virtual. Here are some of the tasks you would be helping me with: 1. Putting together various ornament kit parts, including cutting & bagging fabric, weighing and bagging pins, and [...]


St. Patrick's Day isn't a holiday I've made tons of ornaments for, but I do make at least one each year. It's hard to resist the green and gold fabrics, and a lot of the prints are just plain fun. Here are some of the ornaments I've done over the last few years (including this [...]