Introducing Prairie Creations Ornaments....

Brand New Patterns....

Prairie Pinwheel

A fun patriotic pinwheel design that's super easy to do!

Prairie Pinecone

This mini pinecone pattern is actually 3 designs in one.. a Strawberry, Acorn, & Pinecone.

Stars & Stripes

A unique pattern featuring the Stars & Stripes on a heart shape.

Flag Heart

An adorable flag design created on a heart shape!

Who is Behind Prairie Creations?

Darlene is a tried and true country girl who lives on a farm on the prairie in Kansas.  She loves the outdoors and her favorite pastimes are gardening, horseback riding, hiking and dump digging for rusty old treasures for her gardens and home.  She also loves spending time with her 4 grandchildren and teaching them the joys of country living.

Her mother was a very talented seamstress and quilter.  Although she made sure Darlene learned to sew at an early age, Darlene never acquired her mom's love for it!  However, she did inherit her love of fabrics, and when she learned to make quilted balls and realized there was NO SEWING, she was hooked!!

Darlene has a passion for creating and loves to think "outside the box".  The result is that she is always trying something new and unique.  She likes to come up with new ways to put fabric, ribbon, styrofoam and pins together to make unique and beautiful decorations for holidays and special occasions.

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