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Tips & Tricks: Working with Stripes


Stripes tend to look best when you make sure the stripes are running lengthwise through your fabric pieces when you cut them... that way they end up running outward from the center of your finished ornament (instead of going in all different directions and wonky-looking.) Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. ;) Happy Ornament-ing! Staci Ann

12 Weeks of Christmas Ornaments Challenge Week 7: The Ohio Star Pattern


Holy moly, it's week 7! And, can you believe there's only about 6 and a half weeks til Christmas? (Don't laugh, but I've actually already put my tree up! Last year, we barely put any decorations up at all, because we were getting ready to move. So this year, with our move behind us and our ...

Top your ornaments with ‘Falling Leaves’ for Autumn.


Try using 'falling leaves' in place of a bow, for your Fall-themed ornaments. This is the same exact pattern as my "Moonlight" pattern (which is a free download on my site), except that I added some glittery leaves falling down one side, instead of a bow. (To add the leaves this way, start at the bottom, and ...