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A Variation Idea for the Free “Moonlight” Ornament Pattern.


When you sign up for my email list, I send you a free pattern e-Book, for an ornament design that I created several years back, that I named "Moonlight". It's one of my all-time favorite ornaments (blue is my favorite color!), and it's just one of those craft projects that ends up looking even more beautiful than you expect it ...

Quilted Ornament Ideas for Fall.


I've got a round-up of ornament ideas for you to make for Fall! These first few ornaments follow the Quilted Ball Ornament Pattern: Autumn Leaves Flutter Falling Leaves (this is a Longaberger fabric) Pumpkin Patch (another Longaberger fabric) Harvest Sunset - this one is made from a textured wired ribbon, instead of fabric. I added gold sequins ...

How to make personalized embroidery for your Snow Globe ornaments.


I've had lots of people asking me how to do the personalized embroidery that I've been using lately in my Snow Globe ornaments. Since I am now officially completely addicted to machine embroidery, I am happy to show you! I am so excited about this embroidery thing because it opens up so many new ideas for your ...