Calling All Ornament Girls!


August Update: The club membership has sold out for August (next opening is August 1st), but if I have any extras of the August kit once all of our club members have received theirs, I will list them HERE. Want in? Click here to get the details.


On Sunday night, I listed 320 of the November Ornament Kit, and late the next morning, the last one was sold. So, the Kit of the Month idea seems to be a smashing success, but a couple of issues did come up. Part of the issues were technical. My shopping cart decided that if you [...]


I've been getting asked for quite awhile now.... when am I ever going to step up my game and offer more ornament kits? I usually have a few new ones here and there, but I'll admit - it's been a little.... sporadic. Last month, when I offered the Hope Ornament Kit, I was totally blown [...]


Things are starting to feel more festive. Christmas isn't far off anymore, and Halloween is just around the corner. (And, we just had our first non-90's-degree day here in Southwest Florida - woohoo!) I added some cute little Halloween charms to these first few. (There is a link to where I buy many of my [...]


When you sign up for my email list, I send you a free pattern e-Book, for an ornament design that I created several years back, that I named "Moonlight". It's one of my all-time favorite ornaments (blue is my favorite color!), and it's just one of those craft projects that ends up looking even more beautiful than you expect [...]


These first few ornaments follow the Quilted Ball Ornament Pattern: First one follows the "Snow Globe" ornament pattern.... (More ideas for Snow Globes, HERE.) And, this one is a variation of the "Elements" fabric ornament pattern. Same fabric, whole new look. :) I added glittery silk leaves to "fall" down from the top of this one (which is [...]


I've had lots of people asking me how to do the personalized embroidery that I've been using lately in my Snow Globe ornaments. Since I am now officially completely addicted to machine embroidery, I am happy to show you! I am so excited about this embroidery thing because it opens up so many new ideas [...]

Gingerbread Ornaments

It seems like I've been making a lot of "Snow Globe" ornaments lately, and so today, I'm rounding up a few ideas (new and old!) for you.... I hope these give you some inspiration for your own ornaments! The Snow Globes are so fun because they let you showcase something on each side, like an event, date, birthday.... [...]

Semper Fi Ornament

A couple of years back, I made this USMC ornament to honor my late husband, Jon, who was a Marine. I was not expecting the response I got when I posted it on Facebook.... over 8,000 "likes" and counting! So awesome, thank you. :) Under the bow, there are 2 little charms..... a yellow ribbon, [...]

9 Easter Egg ideas

I've put a link above each picture to where you can check out each talented creator, plus a full tutorial. :) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the tutorial) (Click here for the [...]