Do you sell ornaments, or any other kind of handmade Christmas, holiday, or seasonal products?

Then…I’d love for you to join me inside my membership site,
The Holiday Craft Room.

If you would like more exposure – year round – for your holiday creations…and you’d like some extra help with topics like marketing, blogging, social media, photography, website building, and list building… then this is just for you.


Here’s what it’s all about:

  • We join forces to grow the handmade holiday world, and together, grow our exposure online – year round.
  • You get access to an exclusive membership site, where there is a community just for holiday craft sellers, and video workshops covering topics like marketing, website building, blogging, and more, to help you increase exposure and grow your business.
  • You get the opportunity to guest post on this blog,, with active links to your own site or shop, as long as you are a member.
  • You get advertising help from me, such as mentions to my 20,000+ Facebook community, and a spot in a rotating ad on this blog, which gets tens of thousands of visitors per month.
  • You become part of a support community of holiday sellers who are actively involved with each other…where we discuss, brainstorm, work together, and lift each other up….along with membership in a private Facebook group.

The introductory price for membership is only $29 per month. Depending on the prices of your products, as little as one sale generated from your membership per month would cover the fee.

If you join at the introductory price, that price is locked in for as long as you are a member!

(By the way, the advertising help alone is worth more than $29/month – but this is much more than an advertising opportunity… keep reading!)

The Video Workshops inside The Holiday Craft Room:

Video-based workshops will be added to the site every few weeks. These workshops include topics like:

  • How to build a website from scratch.
  • Understanding how your website works.
  • How to customize your website.
  • How to grow and nurture your email list of buyers.
  • How to lay out your website for maximum sales & email list signups.
  • How to attract new customers to your site through blogging.
  • Getting found in the search engines.
  • How to use social media to get more sales.
  • How to take better photos of your products.
  • And more…

I know you probably have some questions. You might be wondering…

Why would you be willing to promote other people’s handmade ornaments and holiday items on your own site?

Because…a rising tide lifts all boats.

I am doing this because I believe there is more than enough room for all of us, even if it seems that we are direct competitors.

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in the handmade world, isn’t it? Etsy is huge, and getting bigger and bigger, day by day. It will only continue to grow, especially with their latest changes allowing the sale of mass-produced items.

Add to that, the fact that we sell seasonal products. That makes it even harder.

So, instead of compete, why not band together and grow our reach…rather than stay small, cutting off our nose to spite our face (I’m sorry – what a horrible phrase!).

I have more than 20,000 holiday craft fans on my Facebook page, and more than 10,000 on my email list. This blog has seen as many as 180,000 visitors in a single month.

I can’t possibly serve all of them, all on my own. I need your help.

Together, we can create a bigger and better handmade holiday community, we can increase the exposure of our creations, and we can be more successful in our businesses – year round.

And, I’m being selfish, too…I just plain love running a handmade holiday business. I can talk about it until I’m blue in the face…. and I do. Since I’ve already talked the ears off of my boyfriend and family, I realized… who better than other ornament and holiday crafters, who would also like to sell more of their things?

I know you’re out there. I’d love to talk your ears off about running a holiday business, too. :)

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who makes and sells their own ornaments (yes, even “quilted” ones.. in fact, this is especially for you!), or other Christmas/holiday related handmade products…who would like to expand their reach, learn and discuss marketing, and sell more of their beautiful creations.

Who isn’t this for?

This is not for non-holiday related craft sellers. My ultimate goal is to serve this community, and I don’t take their trust in me lightly. We are made up of people who love Christmas and all holidays, ornaments, and crafts, and I am unwilling to share anything here that I don’t feel serves the community, or their purpose for being here.

This is also not for anyone who is only interested in advertising here, or in taking advantage of this community. This membership is not to “buy advertising.” I will help members with advertising, but this is simply a bonus. I’ll remove anyone who joins solely to advertise on this site.

What’s in this for me?

  • Support.
  • A community of like-minded handmade sellers who are doing the same thing you are.
  • Help from me with your handmade business, on topics like blogging, website-building, photography, social media, etc.
  • And hopefully, more sales!

And, what’s in this for you, Staci Ann?

  • Personal satisfaction – I need an outlet for my business & Christmas mind. My boyfriend is probably going to dump me soon if I don’t hush up about it. ;)
  • You will be helping me serve this community. There’s only so much I can create with my own two hands. I am not joking when I say that I. need. help.
  • Personal satisfaction – yes, again..but for another reason. To be honest, over the last few years, I’ve been asked a lot, for online marketing help from other crafters… and I love giving it. I even built an entire website for another quilted ornament seller..and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I loved it.

It really and truly makes me happy to help. And, since selling holiday stuff is what I know, this is what I want to do. :)

Why are you charging for this?

There are several reasons:

  1. I plan to put a lot of my time into this, and into you.
  2. This website is how I make my living. Obviously, we all want and need to be paid for our work.
  3. If it were free, I would never be able to keep up with it. It would also encourage people to join who are not serious enough about their products and businesses, meaning they aren’t truly invested in growing and serving this community – and that is the exact opposite of what I want for us to achieve.
  4. I want to maintain the integrity of both my business, and yours.

I am willing to put my time and effort and work into this because I care about my business, I want to serve this community, and I want to give more to them.

If you are willing to pay the membership fee, you are telling me that you care about your business, you are willing to work hard, and that you value this community, and what you’ll get out of this.

The Holiday Craft Room is now open! Click the button below and join me!

*Please make sure to read the terms and conditions for this offer.