Quilted Easter Eggs from the Ornament Girls Club Members.


The absolute coolest thing about our Ornament Girls Club, for me, has been the private Facebook group. I added it as a “last minute” idea when I decided to begin the Kit of the Month club, having no clue that it would become the very best part of the whole thing.

Literally from Day 1, it has been hopping with posts! Not only has it been a great way for me to help and learn more about the questions that come up when it comes to making all the different kinds of quilted ornaments… but you wouldn’t believe all the awesome ideas that are shared every single day! (Like this one that I shared on Facebook yesterday, from one of our amazing members, Melissa, that now has over 3K “likes” in less than 24 hours!)

This month when everyone started putting together their Easter Egg kits and posting pictures, we saw right away that even though everyone had the same kit, they were personalizing them in a ton of different ways! So, I decided I needed to share them here on the blog. This is the first of many monthly “Ornament Girl Galleries” I will be putting together showing off all of the awesome ideas posted in our group – I hope all of the ideas inspire you with your own ornament making. :)

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