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Free Quilted Star Ornament Workshop


And yes, it's free!   Here's what we'll be covering in the workshop:   Video One: Supplies & Prep, including a printable shopping list, and a PDF Online Resource Guide. Video Two: How to make the Basic Star Ornament, from Start to Finish. Video Three: Embellishment Ideas for your Ornament.   Would you like to be notified when the workshop goes live? Simply fill ...

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OG Guide #6 – Finding Time To Craft


How was the first month of 2017 for you? I am amazed that it's already almost February.  A few weeks ago I told you how I'm moving the Ornament Girl business out of my house, and into a new place. We've spent the last couple of weeks getting the place ready to "live in", like doing some painting, and building ...

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Quick Tip – Using Beads, Sequins, & Rhinestones on your Quilted Ornaments.


I have another quick & easy ornament embellishment idea for you: beads, sequins, and rhinestones... simply pin or glue them on! Here are a few ideas for you. You can create designs and patterns with our embellishments, or just put them on randomly... whatever fits your ornament best. Get creative! In our upcoming September Kit of the Month, ...

Quick Tip! Embellish your Quilted Ornaments with Flowers


Want an easy and beautiful way to embellish your quilted ornaments? How about flowers? Here are a few quick ideas: These sparkly poinsettias are actually scrapbooking embellishments! Simply pin them to the top of your ornaments with pearled pins (or you can use beads, sequins, etc)... and you have a beautiful topper in seconds. This pretty daisy came from a sprig of ...